I woke up with a heavy heart this morning thinking about Robin Williams and the profound and personal sense of loss. What’s crazy is that for many of us we didn’t actually know him yet he touched so many of our life’s. With that being said I’ve been seeing a lot of disparaging remarks about the tragic passing of Robin Williams so I felt the need to voice mine:

Suicide is NOT a selfish act. Suicidal depressed people think they are doing their family and friends a favor. The brain says it’s the only way to relieve the pain and everyone is better off without you anyways. Mental illness is real, and depression is real!

For those of you who are calling yourselves Christians and pointing the finger saying what he did was wrong I beg you to take a look in the mirror. Unless you have fully given yourself to The Lord and live free of sin each and everyday please keep your mouths closed and stop passing judgement. Instead pray for his beautiful family in this traumatic period in their life’s.


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