Social Media Etiquette

Living in the digital age, I find that most of my peers are unsensitized to social media and I’ve learned a long time ago that you should never post or reveal anything over Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc. that you wouldn’t want the world to see.  I’ve complied a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” I follow by heart to ensure that my personal branding and image is kept very professional.

Number One: Once you’re employed by a company, you become a brand representative, which means don’t be caught via-social media in a compromising position. ex.: if you’d be ashamed to show the photograph to your grandmother, then you probably should not post it.

Number Two: If you’re frustrated with a friend, coworker, boss, or client do not post disparaging remarks. My mother always taught me, “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all,” and this rule should still be remembered especially in the digital age. Also remember to not publish profanity publicly and most importantly speak on social media as if you have an education.

Number Three: When running a public platform and building a brand, make sure to know your demographics. It’s important to know who is a dedicated subscriber to your platform. Things such as age/gender and it’s important to know when they are tuning in for each post. This means you might post Content A at 9:30am and get over 1000 hits; however, when you post Content B at 5:30pm you only get 70 hits. This is especially key to anyone’s success in the mass communication field.

Number Four: Don’t overload. There is a fine line that is often crossed in social media, how much do I share to stay relevant yet not seem like spam? My general rule is never share more then three things maximum a day. Nothing annoys me more then scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing the same person upload a dozen selfies (YES I DO UNFOLLOW DUE TO THIS VERY REASON).

Number Five: Be respectful about tags and think before you upload. There’s nothing worse than someone tagging you in an unflattering photograph. Put yourself in their shoes, if this was a photo of you would you like it out there? Remember your actions online can affect others so remember the golden rule. This also goes for tagging someone in your personal status’s along with a group of others in order to start a public chat. Nothing bothers me more then looking down and finding I have 20 notifications from people I do not know. To keep this very same issue from happening to me, I’ve adjusted the privacy settings on Facebook to control what photos or even posting appear on my pages. Also when tagging individuals in photos remember to caption the photographs from left to right in order to tell your audience what is happening in the photograph.

Number Six: Don’t complain and don’t get too personal. Remember once you post something via-social media you open the door for public opinion. If you’re fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you post it, don’t be furious with your friends who make comments about it. Keep your private life, private. Otherwise don’t complain. Also remember arguments and feuds are best left ignored. If you find someone is harassing you or spamming your social media accounts, easily BLOCK this person. My motto is: ONLY BLOCK ONCE!

Number Seven: Remember it’s okay to remind; however, it’s not ok to ask. If you follow any of my accounts you’ll notice we often use the phrase: don’t forget to hit ‘LIKE’ or ‘SUBSCRIBE’ this is ok; however, do not personally text or private message someone telling them to subscribe to your page or forum. It’s not only demanding, but you should let someone follow or like who or what they want on their own.

Number Eight: Don’t be one of those people who like their own photo. When you’re posting a photograph on a public platform it’s already obvious that you like your own photo, I mean why else are you uploading it?

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