This semester, like last, has been extremely busy and even more productive. In my Principles of Ad and Brand Relations course I along with several classmates produced/filmed/edited our very own Doritos commercial. Because we were thrilled with the outcome we decided to submit it to the University of South Carolina’s Student Ad Show and before we knew it we had been accepted.

Last Friday, December 4th was the night of the student ad show so naturally I along with several of my teammates decided to attend. We ate delicious food, browsed all the creative print ad’s on display, grabbed amazing seats for the awards ceremony, and patiently waited.

Guess what … We WON!!

Well we won the Gold Award and did I mention we were the only video to actually win an award? Pat on the backs to us. Even though I didn’t walk in front of the crowd to accepted the award mostly because I was super tired I must say that this was a huge accomplishment and I’m extremely proud of this.


12347667_10205194097360723_8328006026679360451_n 1





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