Even Further Off the Straight and Narrow

Have you ever pitched a project to a professor with another classmate the catch being you were both in separate classes and wanted to cross connect the two? Well this semester I did just that with April Sundell and came out with a phenomenal short film.

This semester Theories of Mass Communications was nearly the death of me. No literally, an 8:05 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, what was I thinking? One of the theories that really stuck out to me was Cultivation Analysis Theory with a concentration on mainstreaming. Cultivation Analysis Theory basically suggests that television is responsible for shaping ones sense of social reality. For our project, April and I decided to pick up where Further Off the Straight and Narrow left off discussing the evolution of LGBT representation in the media and intersectionality.

Naturally we didn’t want to do a slide show discussing these issues. We wanted to make a short quality film and talk to an expert about these topics, so I turned to OK Keyes a professor at the University of South Carolina and the pieces fell right into place.

During the last week of exams I decided to stop by Professor Campbell’s office. He’s the professor who taught my theories class and he had nothing but positive things to say about the film. He even stated he was going to use it in future classes and even recommend that students cross connect classes like we did. So score another one for us April!! Clearly we make a great team.


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