An Open Letter to Supporters of S. 1203 aka “Bathroom Bill”

Regardless of what side you are on with the issue of Senator Bright’s S. 1203 “Bathroom Bill”, I want you all to read this carefully and really challenge your belief system.

First: Why do we need a bathroom bill saying MEN have to use the MENS bathroom and WOMEN have to use the WOMENS bathroom? Have we ever had an issue with this before? I can’t recall and if so please educate me, I’d really love to know. To my knowledge we haven’t had this issue before, yet the transgender community has been around since the dawn of man. 

Ask yourself, have you or anybody you’ve known or loved ever encounter someone of the opposite sex in a public restroom? Odds are probably not. The argument Bright is making with this “BILL” is that he wants to protect the “WOMEN” and “CHILDREN”, however, did you know a transgender person is killed every 29 hours? Not to mention ladies do y’all not find this extremely misogynistic? I do. The women in my life can handle themselves. Heck I’ve even seen several kick doors down and beat the crap out of men.

What Sen. Bright has done is fed the public both suspicions and fears painting the transgender community as if they are perverts or criminals. What he’s also done is place this idea and notion into the heads of people who are actually perverts and criminals. Individuals who say, “OH NOW IF I DO THIS I HAVE AN ESCAPE GOAT.” He’s the one placing this negative energy into the universe. Not the transgender community.

Now why would he do this? Some say, he’s doing this to try and save his failing political career. – SC Chamber of Commerce president Ted Pitts stated this, not I. However, it’s my opinion that this is actually a deliberate attack stemming from Marriage Equality becoming legal nation wide. It’s also a way for Conservative Republican Representatives to try and regain control over the state. But guess what guys South Carolina is changing for the greater good! It’s becoming more progressive by the minute regardless on if you like it or not.

On another note that needs to be addressed:

I keep seeing comments about how sick and perverted being transgender is. I’ve seen comments calling this community mentally ill, an abomination, and my favorite a choice. Pretty much the same things homosexuals get called on a daily base. None of these are true and I want you to really ask yourself this, “Why would anyone choose to be so different? Why would anyone choose to lead a life of so much hardship, so much discrimination?” The answer is nobody would! It is not a choice. It’s the way we as humans are created. So I beg you all especially the people on my Facebook who are devoted Christians yet openly encourage discrimination of others who are different. This is not the way. Open your hearts. Show compassion. Love thy neighbor. And as Jesus said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7
Just food for thought.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Supporters of S. 1203 aka “Bathroom Bill”

  1. Thank you for this! Being trans is not a choice it’s who someone is and the world needs to start being more open. My fiancée is a trans woman and we are blessed to live in a liberal part of the country but this whole thing is so frightening even for us

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