Launching an Adventure Podcast

We’ll team! Yesterday was a magical day that has been in the making for several years now. My love for journalism and traveling have finally collided with the launch of my new podcast Operation Adventure (@operationadventurepodcast).

In 2016, we were asked during a Q&A for our relaunch, “What is the new Operation Adventure platform going to look like?” Our response then was, “Currently we are working on a new blog series, vlog series, possibly a podcast and last but not least a new web series that will be dedicated to telling real stories about real people doing extraordinary things with their lives.” In 2018, we launched the vlog series, produced several independent short documentaries, and had just began working on “the podcast” when I was diagnosed with leukemia. This played a huge factor in the delay of the podcast. It was also a secret we decided to keep mum.

Creating, producing, and hosting a podcast has always been a dream of mine. And here we are, the first episode has officially launched! During the first episode, Michael, sits down with Tracey de Leon after a day of exploring both Burgaw and Southport, North Carolina while filming three episodes for Operation Adventure.

Tracey is an award-winning actress, model, host and creative artist. She’s been in films such as Danny Fraud, Family Possessions, What Matters and can also be seen in upcoming films such as Broadside and Kill Giggles. Recently, Tracey, added producer to her resume as she produced two episodes of Operation Adventure’s vlog series and feature film A Nun’s Curse, which had its world premiere October of 2019 at Nightmares Film Fest in Columbus, Ohio.

Tracey de Leon

Operation Adventure: The Podcast has found a home over at Anchor, which provides this really cool way for us all to interact. Through the Anchor app you can actually call in and talk to me. Then I can incorporate that into my podcast.

Animation done by Jordan Agnes Mullen (@jamullenart).


Find Our Podcast Here




Google Podcast


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