Podcast 1: Halloween Edition

Podcast 1: Halloween Edition starts off by paying homage to War of the Wolds, aka the granddaddy of science fiction thrillers. The group then discusses the age old question, “Do you believe in aliens?” And last but not least, how are they spending their Halloween weekend.  

Podcast 2: Tribal Nature and the Importance of Crew

When you sit down and watch a film you only see the actors of the film; however, so much more goes into a film then just the talent side. Today we’re talking with the crew and a few cast members from the Aliengraphy team.

Podcast 5: How to Social Media

April, Caitlin, and Michael discuss the do’s and don’ts of social media. Mentioned in todays podcast: alienographythefilm.com michaelktolbert.com caitlinmathias.com facebook.com/columbiaquadsquadrollerderby facebook.com/fox1023 facebook.com/MYQ935 m.gofund.me/529p4p44?rcid=148d5…e56b5c4be5bfd11c74e