Alienography Crowdsourcing this Science Fiction Thriller

“It’s an incredibly demanding role, it’s physical, it’s smart and witty. What I really love about this film is we’re really able to take an old genre and mix it with a completely new genre of filmmaking. Films in the 1950s were about body-snatching and science fiction horror and as of late real life stories have dominated the film industry. With this we’re able to tell a completely fictional story; however, we’ve been able to nicely include actual historical points in South Carolina history. And I think people will respond well to that.” – Michael Tolbert

I could be biased; however, this film has truly been the best experience I’ve had to date. Check out Alienography’s official Indiegogo Campaign and please donate to help make this film happen. That way we can continue to feed our cast and crew, buy new equipment, and submit this film of festivals all over the world!

Visit the Indiegogo campaign here.