Diagnosis: The Series

On Friday, August 10th, Michael was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Diagnosis: The Series is a docu-series that chronicles Michael Tolbert’s battle with leukemia. Coming Spring 2019. Until then check out diagnosistheseries.com or https://facebook.com/diagnosistheseries to stay updated on Michael.

Operation Adventure

In 2018, Michael rebooted his travel documentary-vlog series Operation Adventure where he explores destinations across the southeast. This has also led him to meeting some extraordinary individuals that have inspired him to create several documentary shorts, which you can also find on this platform. Watch the 11-episode playlist below.


Making a Slasher

They’re here! New series, coming soon. Presented by Mike Conway and Michael Tolbert. Join us as we dissect horror films plus give you all an exclusive looking into the making of our horror feature! Make sure to go follow. .
“Its going to be a scream baby!” – Stu Macher