Abra Cadaver

In 1978, a local magician who moonlights as a serial killer is murdered at the hands of a vengeful mob.  Ten years later, he is summoned by his sister and her circle of witches to seek vengeance only to unleash something more powerful than any of them could imagine.  Now it’s up to a priest…

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Underground 13 – (2015)

Underground 13 follows an eager detective, a mysterious journalist, and a fast talking playboy into a world of corruption, as they each try to uncover the secrets of a murder that could very well determine the course of their own lives. During this limited series run, Tolbert, not only starred as Detective Aaron Kennedy, a…

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Alienography (2016)

Alienography (2018) – Nestled in the heart of South Carolina sits Mars Bluff a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity. After uncovering this secret four friends must hunt or be hunted before they and their world is forever changed. Michael Tolbert stars as Noah Hudson, a laid back adventurer always with a camera in hand.

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What Matters – 2018

What Matters (2018) – Tensions rise as a young man faces complicated issues centered around a racially charged rally. Violence and political injustices threaten the balance of his world; however, with the help of a mentor, he must navigate his way to college and learn a deeper lesson. See a clip from the film, What Matters, included…

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