In 1978, a local magician who moonlights as a serial killer is murdered at the hands of a vengeful mob.  Ten years later, he is summoned by his sister and her circle of witches to seek vengeance only to unleash something more powerful than any of them could imagine.  Now it’s up to a priest and a man who has lost his faith to rid the evil.

Micah Peroulis – William the Wicked/ Dario
Nicholas Scofield – Samuel
Bennett Tarr – Father Elijah
Shelby Lois Guinn – Heather (witch)
Gabriella Dreanne – Katherine (witch)
Ashley-Kay Luker – Angela (witch/William’s sister)
Michael Tolbert – Stefan (witch)
Wetherly Robbs – Rebecca (witch)
Trey Black – Drunk Dude 1
Ryan Martel – Drunk Dude 2
Matthew Hurtt – Drunk Dude 3
Brayden Cook – Dead Dude
Writer/Director: Mike Conway
Director of Photography: Mike Conway
Editor: Mike Conway
PA: Owen Conway, Gabriella Dreanne, Brayden Cook, Sara Bolton, Greg Bolton, Matthew Hurrt, Sarah Conway

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