I’ve been keeping a secret from you fam. Granted I have talked very openly about it; however, I didn’t say how quickly it would be happening. After two days of chemotherapy treatments and three days of radiation treatments tomorrow I will have my Bone Marrow Transplant! Which also means it’s my new birthday! So loved ones I need a favor. Tomorrow. Show an act of kindness. Whether it’s to a loved one, coworker, neighbor, or even stranger. Offer a friendly smile, a compliment, any act of kindness.

Because take it from me. You never know who might the one to save your life.

I’m a bit nervous, however, I’m tough and I have God by my side helping me in this fight. His grace and glory has been shining on me since the day I was born and being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has only brought me closer to him.

Now to the video – I have a tradition of sitting down in front of the camera to discuss my feelings. The night before I headed out for transplant I sat in front of my camera and completely broke down. While this is the first time I have shown such vulnerability so publicly you all will get to see more beginning Tuesday, April 2nd when Diagnosis: The Series Premieres.