Parental Guidance Suggested – Director

A newlywed couple adjust to having a child. Starring: Morgan Monnig, Robert Zobel and Rivers Gavia Assistant Director: Bennett Tarr Production Assistant: De’Narius J. Allen Makeup: Kim Davis Sound: Tommy Faircloth Score: Nick Ducko Editing by: Andrew Gajadhar and Michael Tolbert Cinematography: Michael Tolbert Written by: Morgan Monnig Produced by: Morgan Monnig and Michael Tolbert…

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Slasher – Producer – 2019

Slasher (Short/Horror): Christmas Eve, 1978. A babysitter waits for her boyfriend to show up after the children are both snug in their beds. However, something far more sinister than sugar plums may be keeping one of them from staying asleep. Directed by Michael Conway. Produced by Michael Tolbert.

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