Located on Saint Helena Island sits Fort Fremont, an abandoned Naval Installation built in 1898 by the Army Corps of Engineers during the Spanish American War. Consisting of 170 acres, Fort Fremont was strategically designed to protect the Naval Station’s dry dock and coaling station, which sat across from the Beaufort River. The fort was also one of six fortifications built to protect the southeastern coast.

There were two main weapon systems located at the fort. Battery Forance, which held two 4.7-inch rapid-fire guns and Battery Jesup, which held three 10-inch cannons.

The fort, which had been built in 1989, was active till 1911. To learn more about Fort Fremont and the work being done to perseve this historical landmark please visit www.fortfremont.org. There is also an extensive timeline that can be found on the page that chronicles the historical relevance of this beautiful location.