Alongside the Catawba River sits 448 acres known as Landsford Canal State Park. Designed by Robert Mills, who also designed the Washington Monument, the canal was built to allow freight transport to bypass the rapids found in the Catawba River between the years of 1820 to 1835.

Landsford Canal State Park consist of three sets of locks, a mill site and a lockkeepers house, which can be easily accessible through a series of trails. One popular destination on the park is the Spider Lily Overlook. The spider lily flower is found predominately in the southeast and is bloom during both May and June.

In 1969, Landsford Canal was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In 1970, Duke Energy donated 194 acres to SCPRT. By 1998, 254 acres were purchased or acquired through land trade. The park, which is opened to visitors year round offers fishing, boating, paddling, picnicking, wildlife watching, geocaching & hiking. To find out more information about the park please visit the official website