About Me: The Newbie Book Blog Q&A

I started a BOOK BLOG! Granted I did discuss it in my previous blog entry; however, I wanted to reblog the first post for Books and Mischief here. It’s the Newbie Book Blogger Tag!

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Books and Mischief

What was your motivation for creating a blog about the books you read?

Hi, friend! Thanks for being here with me as I share my love and appreciation for books and for story. Creating and building this platform has been long overdue, not to mention something I’ve personally tried to avoid over the past year.


Because over the last year I’ve been keeping a private digital journal via Instagram (@books.and.mischief) sharing the books that I’ve been reading with beautiful locations, primarily in the Carolinas, that reflect the story at hand. That experience has been therapeutic, allowing me to create art then place it into the universe without having to worry about “likes” or “follows”. There has been absolutely no pressure, which in turn has cultivated a welcoming community of well-read individuals.

I have stayed pretty consistent with that account regarding what I post. I’ve also tried for…

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And Just Like That…

Hi friends… It has been a minute since I sat down and wrote a proper update on the things going on in my life. If you follow me on the gram then you already know I spend most of my time consuming literature; however, there have been a lot of things I haven’t shared publicly. … Continue reading And Just Like That…