Wood a Family Affair

Wood: A Family Affair is a documentary film about a family of three-generation loggers living in Little Mountain, SC. Rain or shine Richard Kinard can be found selling firewood to local community members off of Highway 76 located in Little Mountain, South Carolina. This has become a hobby for the 80 year old who has worked … Continue reading Wood a Family Affair

The UFO Welcome Center

In 1994, Jody Pendarvis built a dilapidated UFO Welcome Center in rural Bowman, South Carolina, which quickly became a popular destination for travelers and tourist alike. Last summer while location scouting, Faith Creech and Michael Tolbert stumbled upon this unique attraction and immediately knew they needed it for the film. They even based the character Jericho (Jon … Continue reading The UFO Welcome Center

Penn Center

Rooted in history, nestled in the heart of marshlands, and centrally located between beautiful beaches and a thriving coastal town sits Penn Center, formally known as Penn School. Founded in 1862 by Laura Towne and Ellen Murray, Penn School was established as one of the first schools for freed African-American slaves living on St. Helena … Continue reading Penn Center

Even Further Off the Straight and Narrow: LGBTQ Representation in Media

Combining two courses, Women and Minorities along with Theories of Mass Communications, April Sundell and Michael Tolbert, pick up where Further From the Straight and Narrow left off discussing the evolution of LGBT representation in the media via-cultivation analysis theory and intersectionality.